Advantages of Truseen Concrete Batching Plant

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Truseen Machinery Co., Ltd. produces concrete mixes for more than 30 years, with the following characteristics:

1, Green environmental protection

When the environmental economic low-carbon economy as the mainstream social conditions, this Concrete Batching Plant equipment to high-quality, energy saving, environmental protection concept for the concept of green high-performance concrete production to provide a strong guarantee.

Concrete closed-grained green gravel weighing conveyor system to minimize noise pollution to the environment; negative pressure bag pulse dust removal system, completely solve the production of concrete dust, environmental pollution and other problems; wet concrete separation recovery Equipment, a three-dimensional layout to form a closed sewage treatment and sand, stone recycling system, so that slurry, waste recycling all the re-use to achieve zero emissions, the maximum reduction of environmental pollution, truly energy saving, environmentally friendly and comfortable produce.

2, high precision weighing

High-precision weighing system, weighing, control, signal conversion components use world-renowned brands, high-precision sensors, imported microcomputer control, a variety of materials weighing alone (or cumulative weighing), stable performance, accurate measurement.

A specially designed screw conveyor designed for powder transport, variable pitch design of the blade, high transmission efficiency. Pneumatic butterfly valve, sealed tight, reliable action; water and liquid admixtures are coarse, fine weighing mode, weighing accuracy.

3, high-reliability automatic computer control system

Advanced industrial computer + PLC + display instrument control mode, the lower PLC implementation of signal sampling and output control, the host computer display dynamic production processes and production management, instrument-assisted display of the ingredients of the data scales can be fully automated, manual control, simple operation, Friendly interface, high reliability, flexible expansion.