Truseen service

We will provide you with the first-class technology, first-class products and first-class services to gain your recognition and trust.

  • Any inquiry will be replied within 24 hours.
  • Factory visit is welcomed and free booking hotel and airport pick up service.
  • Engineers will go to clients' site for guiding the installation and test-running. Training the operator for free.
  • Spare parts supply, We will keep your know the complete data, when you need any spare parts, we will send to you in a fast way.
  • 12 months super long time guarantee period.
  • Customer-tailor is received.

Along with equipment delivery, there will be a set maintenance parts for free to clients in case for emergency.

If the product has a quality problem in the warranty, we will deliver the new parts to customer by air for free. Off the warranty, we will supply the parts at a cost price, or the buyer buy themin the local market with our fully technical support.

Regular wearing parts and replacement requirements:

  • Mixing blade and liner Made of wear-resistant iron materials, the blades and liners can server 50-60 thousands load times. When replace the parts please follow the replacement instructions.
  • Conveyor belt  Because of the bad environment of loading and running, the belt conveyor is liable to aging or damage. It needs to be replaced if impact production.
  • Seal on discharge gate of host If the seal on discharge gate wears, users can adjust discharge gate up to remedy. If the discharge gate adjusted can’t compress the seal and handle the problem of leakage, it shows that the seal wears much and is necessary to replace.
  • Filter of powder dust collector If there’s no obvious improvement of dedusting after adjusting the fliter, it’s necessary to replace the fliter of dust collector.