Forced concrete mixer — the most practical machine

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Mention the concrete mixer, we know what is the use of the general small floor with a small concrete mixer , but with the country on the repeated control of environmental protection of this small roller concrete mixer has all not let it use it is not environmental Standard, and the work efficiency is very low, slowly replaced by a forced concrete mixer.

And the forced mixer is the stirring drum does not move, and by the drum rotation axis are set on a number of groups of forced mixing of the blade, stirring the blade around the vertical axis or horizontal axis rotation, the material forced stirring until the mixing evenly. It can not only use it alone, or the mixing station supporting the host, with mixing quality is good, stirring speed, high production efficiency, easy operation and safety advantages.

Mandatory JS concrete mixer It is a multi-functional mixing machine, suitable for high quality concrete mixing operation is the most economical and practical mixing machinery and equipment, loved by the majority of users.

Forced concrete mixer --- the most practical machine