How to buy the right concrete batching plant

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1. According to the user bid contract in the project requirements of the size of the request to determine the required models. In the full satisfaction of the project mission together, you should make the equipment capacity to leave room, but also have to think about a period of time the peak of concrete consumption. If you want to end an annual output of 100,000 m3 of concrete, the equipment production capacity should be greater than 50 m3 / h of the concrete mixing station.

2. According to the supporting construction equipment to select the situation. Such as cement pavement construction equipment should not only meet the requirements of the national construction of the relevant rules of the cement concrete construction and grading accuracy requirements, but also with the cement concrete paver productivity together.

3. To consider the frequency of the selected equipment to move. That is, for the construction of repeated construction units such as road construction should be selected mobile or integrated mixing equipment; and for the product concrete batching plant, it should be a fixed structure is appropriate.

4. Should consider the performance of the equipment than the ratio.

5. Should be in the skills of thinking about the advanced nature of the equipment.

6. Should be thinking about the supply of equipment accessories is not timely and accessories offer is not reasonable.

7. Should adhere to the multi-plan selection, analysis of contrast, weigh the pros and cons, the selection of skills and economic indicators of the best plan.

In short, users in the selection of concrete batching plant must be summed up in all aspects of thinking elements, in order to obtain the best return on investment.