How to operate the concrete mixing station to avoid fault

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Today, as the pace of urban and rural development to speed up the construction of small concrete mixing plant in the township is no longer difficult, and small mixing station investment small return fast, to meet the development of society. After the success of the mixing station construction should pay attention to the operation of the above problems, and to avoid some unnecessary failures, reduce maintenance, both to extend the life of the equipment, but also save costs.

Small concrete mixing plant equipment as a mixing station to provide effective service technology, is the goal of our work and value evaluation of the benchmark, the achievements of investors is the achievements of our own. And then professional machinery is also manual operation, if the use of the time is too long, it will inevitably be some failure, the following talk about how we avoid these problems.

1, if you want to carefully maintenance, then the motor is in continuous operation of the case, the daily maintenance is very important: the motor work, pay attention to the working environment, do not be in a state of too bumpy to prevent damage to the motor or reduce the use of life. But also to conduct a visual inspection, the fan is working properly, whether there is abnormal vibration, coupling connection is reliable, whether the base fixed fastening, bearing work is normal (listening to sound), the temperature is normal (infrared thermometer), current Normal (clamp ammeter), another winding motor must also check the carbon brush and slip ring. If a particular aspect of the abnormal, it is necessary to hurry to repair the motor, otherwise, after the serious situation can not deal with their own.

2, concrete mixing station operator skills considerations: small concrete mixing station on the operation, maintenance personnel requirements are lower. Large-scale concrete mixing plant structure is complex, high degree of automation, the operation, maintenance personnel requirements are higher.

3, the concrete mixing station operator to the concrete mixing station equipment parts often with the appropriate adjustment of the gap.

How to operate the concrete mixing station to avoid fault