How to strengthen power management in concrete mixing plants

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To prevent unnecessary accidents during high summer temperatures. Take the power supply problem of the concrete mixing plant seriously. Therefore, it is imperative to strengthen the power management of concrete mixing stations. So, how to strengthen power management?
  First, the industry is specialized, looking for professional electrician installation.
  When installing the concrete mixing station, the electric wires should be erected. Installation and maintenance of electrical equipment should be performed by qualified electricians in accordance with power supply design specifications, procedures and reasonable installation. When using electric heaters and various electrical equipment. A special person is responsible for the use and management, and cut off the power when leaving.
  Second, strengthen the training and management of safety knowledge.
  The installation of temporary power lines should be set according to the specifications of the fixed power supply. The power cord should be inside a concealed unit. The power cord should be erected in a safe place. Avoid contact, crushing or hanging. The use of electric stoves and various electric heating appliances for heat preservation and cooking is prohibited.
  Third, do irregular inspections.
  Be sure to check the electrical wiring and electrical equipment of the concrete mixing station. If any short circuit, fire, high temperature or poor insulation is found, repair or replace it immediately. Do not use unqualified safety devices. The power cord of electrical equipment must not exceed a safe load.

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