Management of concrete batching plant

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The orderly operation of the concrete batching plant is inseparable from the industrious work of the workers and the strict management. Below, talk about how to enhance the standard management of concrete batching plant? Concrete batching plant orderly operation must be quality assurance, safety, environmental protection, equipment management and other rules and regulations. 

And the rules and regulations must be sound, the quality of the presentation must be implemented to the people, the relevant obligations to have clear punishment regulations. Concrete batching plant to establish the original information into the accounting, accounting and other accounts. There should be consumption of mixing records, including pouring unit number of detailed parts of the project, concrete label, consumption time, consumption can be normal, after the problem can be traced back. 

Concrete batching plant to have a transport order, a single note within the vehicle number, outbound time, concrete label, the use of parts, slump and so on. Concrete batching plant management personnel should develop a comprehensive contingency plan to ensure that the supply of concrete is not due to sudden and inflicted. 

According to the winter and summer thermal calculation, the development of the corresponding temperature control measures to ensure that the concrete machine, into the mold temperature within the scope of the standard specification.

Management of concrete batching plant