Electronic Truck Scale

  • Two-way weighing.
  • Modular weighing platform.
  • Automatic reset force transmission mechanism.
  • Digital display weight.
  • Automatic zero tracking.
  • No foundation pit or shallow foundation pit installation.
  • Unique scale body design, easy to install and transport.

SCS digital electronic truck scale (wagon balance) is a new generation of steel structure scale, which is designed with U-shaped cold-formed channel steel, grouped into multiple closed cavities, so that the truck scale (wagon balance) platform is in overall steel, various performance indexes such as bending resistance and partial compression of the table top have been greatly improved.

Widely used in inbound and outbound materials, inventory measurement, production monitoring and data management for ports, factories, mixing plant, freight yards, storage terminals, workshops, warehouses, etc. It is suitable for weighing and measuring vehicles such as trucks, trailers, semi-trailers and container vehicles.

Foundation Making:

1. Platform scale construction (without foundation pit)

Advantages: easy to drain, maintain and clean up.

Disadvantages: large area occupied.

2. Underground balance construction (with foundation pit)

Advantages: save space, good surface looking.

Disadvantages: not easy to drain, repair and clean, manhole safety hazard.

Components of electronic truck scale:

  1. Sensor
  2. Weighing display
  3. Central controller
  4. External display
  5. Signal line

List of SCS standard vehicle scale specifications and model:

Model Accuracy Weighing platform spec. (m) Maximum weighing (T) Minimum weighing (T) Resolation (kg)
SCS-10 III 2.2×5 10 100 5
SCS-20 III 2.5×5 20 100 5
SCS-30 III 2.5×6 30 100 5
SCS-40 III 3×6 40 400 10
SCS-50 III 3×8 50 400 10
SCS-60 III 3×9 60 400 10
SCS-80 III 3×10 80 400 20
SCS-100 III 3×12 100 1000 20
SCS-100 III 3×14 100 1000 20
SCS-100 III 3×15 100 1000 20-50
SCS-100 III 3×16 100 1000 20-50
SCS-120 III 3×16 120 1000 20-50
SCS-120 III 3×18 120 1000 20-50
SCS-150 III 3×16 150 1000 50
SCS-150 III 3×18 150 1000 50
SCS-200 III 3×16 200 1000 50
SCS-200 III 3×18 200 1000 50


Detailed technical parameters are as follows:

Specifications Model ZCS/SCS  5t-300t
Maximum Weighing 300t
Minimum Weighing 200kg
Test Index 20kg
Actual scale value 10kg
Safety Overload 120%FS
Ultimate Overload 150%FS
Table Thickness customized
Scale Body Structure U-beam structure is made of Q235A carbon steel
Main Beam Specification 200mmU-300mm, U-shaped steel beam, carbon steel Q235A material
Foundation Form Without foundation pit, shallow foundation pit
Accuracy Class C3, OIML, III (high precision and sensitivity)
Power Supply 220VAC(–15%~+10%), 50HZ±2%

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