LSY219 Screw Conveyor

  • Model :LSY219
  • Spiral diameter(mm): 185
  • Conveying distance(m) :1-15
  • Screw speed(r/min) :280
  • Body diameter(mm) :Φ219
  • Delivery angle: ≤45°
  • Conveyor capacity(t/h): 35
  • Motor model :Y132M–4
  • Motor Power(kw) :4-11

The LSY series screw conveyor is a new type of transport equipment which is mainly used for transporting cement fly ash material in concrete mixing station and other suitable places.It can also be used in chemical metallurgy granary processing warehousing.

The machine has a simple structure small size low cost safe operation according to process requirements can meet the multi-point feeding and nesting.


Feeding inlet discharge outlet motor retarder bearing helical blade closed groove hanging bearing bearing spiraluniversal joint suction flange outer tube connection flange observation window etc.


  • Screw machine adopts high-quality steel the overall rigidity.
  • Double pitch blades reducing material handling are the degree of compression.
  • High-quality gear box heavy duty design with torque low noise characteristics.
  • Optional universal ball to make installation easy to adjust the steering.
  • With high quality bearings and rear bearing in hanging and easy to install.
  • Common diameter 219273325 lots of stocking size and angle can be customized according to customer requirements.
  • Standard assembled for easy transport.

 Model  LSY219
 Spiral diameter(mm)  185
 Conveying distance(m)  1-15
 Spiral speed(r/min)  280
 Body diameter(mm)  Φ219
 Delivery angle  ≤45°
 Conveyor capacity(t/h)  35
 Motor model  Y132M–4
 Motor Power(kw)  4-11

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