The Installation Steps of the Concrete Mixing Plant

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At the time of the installation of the Concrete Mixing Plant, there will be detailed installation steps on the apparatus, but there are some matters should also be taken into account in the installation of the concrete mixing plant.

Equip the waste material Belt Conveyor of concrete mixing plant, which starts the completion of the information on the belt conveyor, on the back of the frame in the rear frame, the front and rear frame, the rear leg of the conveyor, And then fasten the front and rear legs and support in front of the conveyor lift, and finally the anchor bolts on the front and rear feet.

Install the Batching Machineof the concrete mixing plant. The main frame of the foundation, the fastening of the anchor bolts. Hopper device, hopper lifted legs upright, will take stage, ladder and waste material storage hopper convergence. The granule dosing system of the granule dosing system is on its foundation, the flap is connected, and the high plate and the baffle are connected to each other, and then the original total conveyance is extended, the front and rear racks are electrically aligned with the mixer the hood hole center, the last anchor bolts fastened.

The installation of the Cement Silo of concrete mixing plant. In the air of the cement silo of the various components of the assembly of the cement storage warehouse, the side of the body bracket facing the crossed powder batching system, the next fixed in the body of the upper and lower position, the final access to the anchor bolts. Screw conveyor device. Concrete mixing station lifting screw conveyor, screw conveyor ball joint cement silo discharge port convergence of the elbow or the powder bucket feed mouth, and then use the wire rope conveyor, cement silo lug convergence, and finally to the foot bolt. Pump in the right center, the output connection pipe.

The Installation Steps of the Concrete Mixing Plant