Benefits of using commercial concrete

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First of all, it is the embodiment of social progress and civilized construction.

The development, production and use of concrete have long history. The commercial concrete is produced by using concrete batching plant, which is a change from extensive production to intensive production. It realizes the specialization, commercialization and socialization of concrete production. It is an important reform for the construction industry to rely on technological progress to change the small production mode and realize the industrialization of construction.

Secondly, it is the requirement of construction project quality.

When mixing concrete on site, water, cement and aggregate cannot be weighed and can only rely on the experience of operators in construction, which is prone to quality accidents. The production of commercial concrete is by professional and technical personnel in an independent laboratory in strict accordance with the mixture ratio, using microcomputer control mode, through electronic measurement, accurately produce concrete of various strength grades that meet the requirements of architectural design. Especially the high strength concrete produced with admixture and active admixture not only speeds up the construction progress greatly, but also fundamentally solves the quality hidden danger easily caused by mixing concrete on site.

Thirdly, it is a symbol of the construction of city civilization.

The widespread use of commercial concrete can greatly reduce noise, dust and road pollution problems, solve some problems such as disturbing residents during construction , dirty, chaotic , poor of construction site and so on, and also reduce traffic pressure on urban roads. 

Fourthly, it is the pursuit of social and economic benefits.  

The production of commercial concrete is a profit-making industry, which has saved a number of enterprises, fed a number of workers and played a role in stabilizing society. The use of commercial concrete has reduced the loss of storage and transportation and the loss of production technology, reduced the labor and various management costs on the construction site, and reduced the investment cost. It has accelerated the progress of the project and produced great comprehensive benefits.