Difference Between Belt Conveyor Type And Skip Hoist Type Concrete Batching Plant

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Concrete batching plant, also called concrete batch plant, is an essential equipment of modern and civil construction. According to difference of the transmit device of aggregate, there are skip type concrete batching plant and belt type concrete batching plant. Mainly HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS60 concrete batching plant are skip type, and HZS75, HZS90, HZS120, HZS180 concrete batching plant are belt type.

1.Belt conveyor type concrete batching plant

Belt conveyor type concrete batching plant use belt conveyor to transport aggregates to the concrete mixer. The main advantages are large conveying capacity, continuously work, low impact, simple structure and automatic control. The belt conveyor is used for continuous feeding, which is mainly suitable for some large-scale commercial concrete batching plants, such as HZS120 and HZS180 concrete batching plants. The aggregate feeding system adopts a large inclined belt conveyor, which has reliable performance, and pedestrian inspection aisle on both sides of the rack is convenient for maintenance.

To a belt type concrete batch plant, it is suitable for horizontal and tilt delivery, so it is widely used in concrete batching plant. The weighed aggregates are conveyed into the transitional hopper by belt conveyor. The belt conveyor type concrete batching plants are designed to protect the machine and enable to work under all-weather conditions, the efficiency is higher because it can continuously working without any problems. But it can't charging by itself, people should use other device for charging or place the belt conveyor under the storage of aggregate for falling on the belt by it self-weight.

2.Skip hoist type concrete batching plant

Skip hoist type concrete batching plant use skip bucket to transport aggregates to the concrete mixer. It is more suitable for small concrete mixing plant which producing capacity is under 75 m3/h . Skip type concrete batching plant has the advantage of small cover place, simple structure and low cost. The disadvantage is that it is not as efficient as a belt type concrete mixing plant.

No matter skip type or belt type, they have advantages and disadvantages, when purchasing concrete batch plant, a suitable type is the best type.