Cement weighing and water weighing in the concrete batching

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Many customers have no idea about choosing the machines configuration when purchase concrete batching plant. The concrete batching plant can be divided into three types,such as commercial concrete batching plant, project concrete batching plant and basic concrete batching plant. Buyers should choose suitable concrete batching plant according the quality and productivity.

For the basic concrete batching plant, the whole batching plant is relatively cheap. Many configurations of the basic concrete batching plant can be reduced, but the cement weighing can’t be reduced. The cement weighing can ensure the efficiency and accuracy when loading materials.

Without the single water weighing system, it may reduce the cost at about 7000 RMB. Usually you can add water to the mixer tank according to the time schedule of time relay. But the disadvantage is obvious that it will result in the duration time of water adding and mixing, and may also cause the instability of the concrete mixer.

In order to keep the accuracy and stability of the concrete batching plant,  Truseen Machinery suggests that customers should choose the configuration of concrete batching plant according to the efficiency and productivity.

25-360 m³/h concrete batching plant