How to use concrete mixer

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1. Concrete mixer should be installed on a solid pedestal. When long-term fixed ,embedded anchor bolts, wooden pillow should be on a stand and find lie flat and stable in the short-term use.

2. On the concrete mixer console, the operator shall see all parts of the work. Mat  rubber plate or dry wood in electric mixer console.  

3. Motor and electrical components wiring firmly, and protect access to zero or grounding resistor compliance.

4. Before operations, hopper lift test should be carried out ,clutch & brake should be observed and confirmed flexible and reliable.  

5. Fastening the transmission mechanism, working equipment, brakes are fastening & reliable, open gears, pulleys have shield.

6. When blenders job, hopper is raised,forbid any person stay or through the hopper, when needing to repair or clean up material pit under the hopper, bucket elevator should be pin locked with chains or insert.

7. Feeding to the stirring tube should be in operation, adding new material should be first stirred barrel before all the original concrete discharged.

8. After working, do comprehensive clean-up of the mixer, when the operator enter the barrel, you must cut off the power or remove the fuse and lock the switch box, "DO NOT TURN" signs hang, and there is someone outside the guardianship, clean-up work the venue, cut off the power, lock switch box.

How to use concrete mixer