Common faults of concrete mixer

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The common faults of concrete mixer

  1.  Foreign body inside:During the mixing process of the concrete mixer, cement, hard granular aggregates (such as stones) and other particles will cause greater wear on the inner wall of the mixer, especially after the mixer is used, if it is not cleaned in time,it will cause the concrete mixer foreign matter inside becomes dry and hard, which causes greater abrasion on the mixing drum and mixing blades, which seriously affects the normal use of the mixer.
  2. Shaft end seal failure:The shaft end is an important transmission device that connects the motor and the concrete mixer drum, and is the core component of the entire mixer. In the working process, the concrete mixer is usually sealed, but in actual work, the shaft end is often covered by dust. When the mortar enters the shaft end, it will cause wear and damage of the bearing bush or bearing.
  3. Dust removal problem:During operation, the concrete mixer needs to measure and feed the raw materials. When the powder or aggregate is put into the metering container or mixing tank, the air inside needs to be discharged. The exhaust process will cause tiny dust to rise, which not only makes the working environment of the concrete industry harsh, but also causes mechanical damage and affects the life of the machinery.

In addition, other problems such as improper manual operation, failure to clean the mixer drum in time, and incorrect position of the hopper slide will occur.

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