Energy Saving of Asphalt Concrete batching Plant

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Concrete batching plant equipment are very large power consumption, in advocating green production, lean management era, mixing station energy is imperative. This article through four aspects to explain the asphalt mixing plant cold aggregate drying system to achieve energy saving.

The choice of fuel

Asphalt batching plant of cold aggregate drying system with water content of wet and cold mineral heating and drying need to consume a lot of heat, so the choice of fuel in the drying system needs to be combined with the actual situation. General gas fuels such as natural gas and solid fuels such as coal, etc., the combustion performance is insufficient, the heat can not be fully played, therefore, the cold aggregate drying system should choose liquid fuels such as diesel and heavy oil. Heavy oil is also known as fuel oil, dark black liquid, according to the international convention classification method, heavy oil is sustainable oil. In other words, heavy oil has a relatively viscous, low water content, less impurities, more volatile and other characteristics. The heavy oil is cheaper than the price of diesel, therefore, from the economic and practical aspects of consideration, heavy oil is more suitable as the asphalt mixing plant fuel.

Transformation of the combustion system

Mixing station combustion system can also achieve the role of energy saving, which requires the replacement of heavy oil dual-use burner, while replacing the high temperature, high pressure with light oil and heavy oil conversion valve heavy oil pump, but also need to add a heavy oil for Oil system, increase the liquefied gas ignition system, and further transformation of the electrical control system. Although the transformation of the burner will temporarily bring some economic burden, but based on long-term development, from the scientific development of energy saving, the cost of consumption can be recovered in a short time, resulting in good economic benefits.

Stone water content and particle size control

The drying system requires drying and heating of the stone, due to the fact that the wet raw material does not meet the requirements of the asphalt mixing plant, and the higher the degree of wetness of the raw material, the greater the work intensity of the drying system, especially for the water Strong fine aggregate. Studies have shown that whenever the humidity of stone increased by 1%, energy consumption will increase by 10%, showing the importance of controlling the water content of stone. In the production process, must take effective measures to control the humidity of stone, such as in order to facilitate drainage, usually stone storage site to have a certain slope, the use of concrete on the ground hardening, the surrounding area should be spacious and easy to evaporate water, the site should also be above Construction of shelter against rainwater penetration. Drying system in addition to the humidity of the stone have a higher demand, the size of the stone particles and the degree of regulation is also required. In the operation of the cold aggregate drying system, for the stone particle size pass rate of less than 70% of the case, will increase the amount of flash material, which will inevitably lead to fuel waste. Therefore, we must strictly control the size of the stone size, the different size of the stone classification, in order to reduce the working intensity of the drying system.

Operation and management of the burner

Asphalt mixing plant is a high cost of production equipment, in the production process, the operation and operation of the combustion system is particularly important. There are many ways to maintain the burner, usually in three main ways. First, to control the best condition of the wind / oil ratio, once the dry system burner has a black smoke, it means that the combustion system of the wind and oil than the problem, then need to adjust the damper, re-set the best wind to oil ratio.

Second, try to ensure that the fuel atomization in good condition to ensure that the burner to fully burn to ensure that the fuel atomization state, so that the oil pressure and oil pressure stability. In addition to setting the oil pressure to maintain, but also on the fuel impurities to filter, regularly clean the burner nozzle. On the other hand, the burning flame shape state should also be kept well. When the flame shape of the burner is abnormal, it is necessary to adjust the shape of the flame appropriately. The distance between the burner nozzle and the baffle affects the shape of the flame. To adjust the shape of the flame, the distance between the two can be changed as appropriate.