Precautions of Pan Mixer cleaning

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Pan mixer is designed for scientific research, construction, test unit mixing concrete and mixing equipment for special equipment. Pan mixer from the barrel, rack, motor, reducer, the central axis, rotating arm, mixing shovel, scavenging scraper, the pressure plate, column, walking wheel and other components. As the mixing bucket and the rotating arm between the use of cross-shaft assembly connected, and set the rod or screw control mixing shovel of the working gap, can basically eliminate the phenomenon of hard material stuck to reduce operating resistance and reduce wear.

When cleaning the pan mixer, please note the following:

  • First, regular maintenance procedures for the maintenance of the project, such as cleaning, lubrication, refueling, etc.
  • Second, the concrete mixer before the first check the controller is good, after stopping the water and stones into the mixing tube 10 to 15 minutes for cleaning, and then clear the water and stones. If the operator is required to enter the mixing cylinder to clean, in addition to cut off the power and remove the fuse, and to lock the switch box.
  • Thirdly, it is forbidden to remove the concrete accumulated in the concrete mixer barrel with a sledgehammer, which can only be removed with a chisel.
  • Fourth, in the cold season, after the completion of the application of water washing the mixer drum and the pump, water tank, water within the water put the net, so as not to water pumps, water tanks, water pipes and other frozen.

Pan mixer operation steps:

  • 1, the function of the switch on the column, set to "automatic" position, press the controller on the start switch, the entire operation of the program will automatically control their own operation.
  • 2, the whole process is completed after the automatic stop, in the running project if you want to stop midway, you can press the stop button and then be able to restart.
  • 3, press the start button, the display that began to show the time, slow, sand, fast, stop, fast, running light flashing on time.
  • 4, automatic control, the manual function of the switch must be all set to stop position.
Precautions of Pan Mixer cleaning