How to dismantle Concrete Batching Plant

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Dismantling a Concrete Batching Plant requires professional technology, we need pay attention to a lot of places, how to disassemble correctly, we will introduce to you!

After the Concrete Batching Plant was dismantled, The user will first maintain it for maintenance and next installation, the user should identify the removed equipment and cables by professional person. and can not be cut arbitrary .the water pipeline, organ road, the agent pipelines and so on ,should be well marked and properly kept; the connecting cables between the equipment also should be marked by professional electrician person and properly kept; when removing the cement silo, carefully check the lifting lugs to see if they are firm. Do not lift too fast, the important thing is to stabilize; then remove the lower part of the cement silo, the lower column of the mixer, and the intermediate support of the belt conveyor and the foundation connection part do not damage the column foot and the bottom structure.

It is important to pay attention to safety when dismantling the concrete batching plant! Welcome to purchase Truseen Machinery! We will bring more technical guidance to our customers, please always pay attention to Truseen Machinery!