Use and maintenance of cylinders in agitator pneumatic systems

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The function of the cylinder is to convert the pressure energy of the compressed air into mechanical energy.Under normal circumstances,The cylinder should be in place quickly,with the on/off switch of the solenoid valve power supply;

Due to the cylinder piston moves repeatedly, it is important to lubricate the cylinder wall and the piston.Generally, the oil mist is atomized, injected into the air flow, and enters the lubrication part with the air to achieve the purpose of lubrication.

During the working process, the lubrication effect of the cylinder close to the oil mister is good, and the lubrication effect of the cylinder far from the oil mister is poor. This situation is particularly evident on the cylinders of the aggregate silo.The solution is to add an oil mister in the middle of the aggregate gas path. For the piston rod, apply a layer of butter to prevent rust.

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