How to select the appropriate concrete batching plant

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(1) Production planning

According to the size of the production planning to determine the production capacity of concrete mixing equipment. The annual output of 20 million m3, concrete mixing equipment production rate is generally 120m3 / h; annual output of more than 300,000 m3, the production of concrete mixing equipment, the production capacity of concrete mixing equipment is generally less than 90m3 / h; The rate is generally 150m3 / h or 200m3 / h.

(2) Construction places

Depending on the size of the construction site, a concrete mixing plant or a concrete mixing plant can be selected. The use of concrete mixing plant, aggregate a forward, the same capacity of the mixer than the high rate of mixing plant, the overall shape of the beautiful rules, material field covers an area of small, good production environment, but the manufacturing, equipment, long cycle, a one-time high investment costs. Selection of concrete mixing plant, aggregate to be twice forward, placement sensitive, manufacturing, equipment cycle is short, one-time investment costs low, but the material field covers an area of large, poor production environment.

(3) Ancillary equipment

Select the specifications and working dimensions of the concrete mixers according to the condition of the equipment. Mixing truck loading capacity should be matched with the mixer's discharge capacity, matching will affect the work of power. The loader of the loader should match the height of the material at the concrete mixing station.

(4) Processing function

If the use of intensive network processing, concrete mixing equipment should consider the network processing function, to avoid future promotion difficult.

(5)Equipment technical functions

Mainly from the advanced nature of the equipment, reliability, excellence and versatility of several considerations. The equipment should have the characteristics of advanced working principle, high degree of automation, powerful handling function and good environmental protection function. Equipment should be equipped with excellent, reliable control method, applicability, good repair function. The other, but also consider the measurement of high precision, good quality mixing, high production power, low energy consumption, regulatory use of large quantities, good interchangeability.

(6) Vendor promises

Mainly including equipment debugging is not serious; technical counseling and practice is not in place; after-sales service is not timely; spare parts supply is not full.

(7) Function offer ratio

It is not advisable to fully seek the technical utility of the equipment, it will increase the unnecessary capital contribution, but only to seek low capital and reduce the technical function of the equipment will bring the use of capital increase, this approach is not desirable. The general function of the imported equipment before the domestic market is higher, but the offer is also more expensive. Domestic equipment in several well-known domestic brands, although the general function can not be compared with the imported equipment, but the key parts of the equipment is also widely used imported components, the primary function is not much worse than imported equipment, offer is much lower. A reasonable approach is to pick the appropriate utility offer ratio.