Mobile concrete mixer should pay attention to safety

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Regard to the use of moving concrete mixers, the question of how to ensure that the concrete mixers can be used normally during the production process and the details of the operation of the operators of the mobile concrete mixers are described in detail.

In the usual use of mobile concrete mixer, remove the operation to be careful maintenance and maintenance, the most important is the concrete mixer operator's job requirements and practice. Because the operator is the longest time to touch the concrete mixer, they need to know more about the concrete mixer.

Concrete mixer is longer than usual in the production, the production should not only pay attention to maintenance changes, maintenance and other things, but also take into account the person, the person in charge of things, as long as these operations are handled to reach power and economy.

These operations need to be done at the time of the concrete mixer operator's handover: each class deals with oil and water to distinguish between oil and water emissions and air reservoirs, the normal fuel injection of the intriguing oil fog possibilities. Reflected in each gearbox oil spill, is there any abnormal sound. Reflective brake action is reliable and useful.

Clean the concrete mix of the concrete mixer. Timely clean the dusty tank all the concrete and grease on the surface of the accumulation, to avoid the monotonous concrete, and keep it clean. The overall lifting rope of the mobile concrete mixer is checked for punctual wear and is updated if necessary.