Integrated advantages of wet mix mortar

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There are six inherent advantages for concrete enterprises to produce wet-mixed mortar:

First, the investment in equipment renovation is small and the return is great. Concrete companies do not need to add new equipment. It can be produced by the original production line. Even if there is no extra production line, it can be aligned with concrete.

Second, production and distribution at night to avoid equipment idle. That is, concrete is produced during the day and mortar is produced at night, and idle equipment is value-added. Concrete enterprises can directly use the original plant for planning. Save on the high capital investment to buy land for rent.

Third, there is no need to add logistics transportation equipment. Eliminate repeated investment and directly use the original concrete tanker for distribution. GPS realizes unified management of remote monitoring.

 Fourth, customer resources are interconnected and brand value-added. Directly utilize the original concrete customer resources and the advantages of concrete enterprise brands. Exploring the market is easy, so that in the end, brand value-added is achieved.

 Fifth, the management team remains unchanged, reducing labor costs. Utilize existing human resources, from material procurement, production, laboratory quality control to sales. There is almost no need to recruit new teams. The original staff can be employed with a little training.

 Sixth, the overall cost is equivalent to on-site stirring. From the perspective of research and practical application, the comprehensive cost of producing wet-mixed mortar at the mixing station will be comparable to the on-site mixing. The mortar raw materials purchased by the mixing station are better than the on-site mixing in terms of cost and quality.

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