Leakage phenomenon of concrete mixing plant

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The concrete mixing plant is a large-scale equipment for producing mixed concrete. However, any kind of machinery and equipment will inevitably encounter some unexpected events in the process of operation. What should I do if this problem occurs?

 1. Determine whether the line is indeed leaking.

You can use a megohmmeter to measure the insulation resistance of the line. Or connect an ammeter to the main knife. Without turning on the equipment, switch on all mixing plant equipment. If the ammeter pointer swings, it indicates a line leakage.

 2. Judgment is phase line.

Leakage between the neutral line and phase line and earth, or both. The method of judgment is to cut the zero line. Or the ammeter indication is unchanged, it is the leakage between the phase line and the earth. If the ammeter indicates zero, then there is leakage between the phase and neutral lines.

 3. Determine the leakage range.

Remove the shunt fuse or open the knife gate. If the ammeter indicator does not change, it is the bus leakage. If the ammeter indicates zero, it is a shunt leakage. If the ammeter indicator becomes small but not zero. It indicates that both the bus and the shunt are leaking.

4. Find out the leakage point.

After the above inspections, turn on the switches of the line lamps in turn. When a switch is opened. If the ammeter indicates zero return, it is the branch line leakage. If the ammeter indicator becomes smaller, it indicates that in addition to the branch line leakage. There are leakages elsewhere. Or use a stylus to test in sections.

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