Things to check before using the mixing plant

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  1. Check the storage system
    Check the sand and gravel storage hopper and its debris in each hopper. Remove debris if any. Are there any water leaks in the water storage tank? Water supply and pump operation. Pumps that have been out of service for a long time should be drained.
  2. Check the fuel tank
    Check the oil level of the oil tank of the mixing plant and the liquid level of the crankcase oil tank of the compressor. Add compressor oil when insufficient.
  3. Check the conveyor system
    Check if the belt of the belt conveyor is misaligned. The off-track conveyor should be adjusted. Check the steering of the belt conveyor. Whether the sound is normal, and whether there is any debris in the motor casing.
    Check that the screw conveyor is turning correctly. What needs to be checked? Is the motor sound normal? Whether there is any debris in the motor case. Check the tightness of the transmission V-belt and adjust it properly if it is too loose.
  4. Check the gas system
    Check the working condition, sound and motor temperature of the air compressor and its motor. Check for water accumulation in the gas-water separator. Too much water, open the door to drain. Check the oil level in the lubricator, and refill if it is too low.

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