Problems in the running-in period of the mixing plant

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  1. The equipment is severely worn and the speed is too fast
    Due to the problem of surface roughness, parts of the new equipment will have incomplete coordination and uneven surface load stress. In such a working state, the surfaces of the parts are rubbed due to the mutual fitting. In addition, worn metal chips are used as secondary abrasives to participate in the friction process. This will inevitably lead to increased wear on the surface of the part. Therefore, the wear is severe and the rate is fast during the running-in period. If it is during the peak production season during this period and overloaded. The damage of parts will be more serious, shortening the service life of the equipment.
  2. Insufficient lubrication
    Poor tightness of mating parts is the key reason for poor lubrication. Lubricant coverage on friction surfaces. And the poor degree of oil film formation causes the friction surfaces that are precisely matched to scratch each other.
  3. Looseness between parts
    Differences in geometry and size fit between the various parts of the new commercial concrete mixing plant. When the ambient temperature changes. The effects of thermal expansion and contraction will cause different sizes of parts to cooperate with each other. This leads to problems such as looseness and poor fit of the originally fastened parts.
  4. Technical staff's operating errors
    Operators exposed to new equipment are unfamiliar with machine construction and precautions for use. Often the main cause of misoperation. This can be avoided to some extent by professional technical training.

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