Air filter maintenance for small mixers

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When a small mixer is running for one day, users need to effectively clean the entire equipment. Especially mixers. What should users pay attention to when cleaning the main unit? First of all, at the end of each day, the concrete mixing station must remember to clean the mixer thoroughly. Short-term cleaning during production breaks is more effective than cleaning after each shift. Second, when cleaning the blender, except for washing once with water. You can also stir with water and small stones to make cleaning even cleaner. Also, do not remove the concrete block with a hammer during manual cleaning. To prevent the action of the stirring arm from breaking, it is not worth it. The air filter maintenance of the mixer should start from the following aspects:

  1. In daily work, please manually empty the dust collector, open the dust bag and remove the accumulated dust.
  2. Specific operation: Unscrew the wing nut, and then gently remove the main filter of the air filter. When cleaning the paper filter element, tap the end surface lightly to make dust fall. Use compressed air or an air pump to blow air from the inner cavity of a stable soil mixing station.
  3. The engine of the mixer has been working in a relatively humid place for a long time. The air filter element is also prone to moisture and dust, which results in poor air permeability, which will affect the air intake. Before cleaning the filter element, you can filter it out with a bulb and then clean it to prevent damage to the filter element.

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