WCD600 stabilized soil batching plant

  • Type :WCD 600
  • Rated productivity:600t/H
  • Total power: 168KW
  • Type of measuring: Volume
  • Max motor power: 75KW
  • Aggregate Diameter: ≤±60mm
  • Area covered:52×22m2
  • Total weight:54t
  • Mode of speed regulation:Electromagnetic

WCD600 Stabilized Soil Batching Plant has the following characteristics:

  1. Double-shaft mixer can achieve compulsory and continuous mixing and high productivity.Especially suitable for extensive construction with large site large scale and requirement of high productivity.
  2. Ingredients electronic weighing or volumetric measurement accurate and reliable the ratio change rapidly.
  3. Aggregates delivery adopts belt conveyor with small dip angle and annular duct tape that is high-quality with seamless vulcanized joints .The equipment has compact structure operates steadily and reliably and fixed that can efficiently the extend the using life.
  4. Computer control technology to manage the entire process manual and automatic selection easy operation good reliability.
  5. Both manual-disassembled cement and bulk cement can be chosen.
  6. Single motor drives the reducer while the large gear transmitting synchronously. The machine works stably and reliably and it can resist high impact and have strong ability to stand overload and have a long working life.
  7. There is a discharge opening at the bottom of mixer which makes it convenient to clear and maintainance.


Installation site should be plain and well-grounded. The pithead should be higher than ground to prevent the water inflow.

Lift the mixer with lifting device and install four supporting legs connecting angle inclined strut ladder and the downward track. Then place the mixer in the appropriate place of the pit.

 Type  WCD 600
 Rated productivity  600t/H
 Total power  168KW
 Type of measuring  Volume
 (Weighing Accurary)  Aggregate  ±3%
 Soil  ±3%
 Lime powder, Coal ash  ±3%
 Cement  ±2%
 Water  ±1.5%
 Max motor power  75KW
 Aggregate Diameter  ≤±60mm
 Area covered  52×22m2
 Total weight  54t
 Mode of speed regulation  Electromagnetic

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