XF-80 Concrete Recycling Plant

  • Model: XF-80
  • Sieving Capacity :10-20
  • Separate Stone Size: Φ>5
  • Separate Sand Size :Φ1-5
  • Total Motor Power(kw):10
  • Mixing Vehicle Quantity: <10
  • Host Weight :2730
  • Host Outline Dimension(m): 5.1×1.57×2.00
  • Total Weight :5T

It becomes a requirement for also concrete batching plants to make production compatible with natural and urban environment.

Concrete Recycling Plant is mainly used to separate the sewage in washing tanker and gravel remaining in concrete. The sand and stone separator is the core equipment of concrete recycling system. It can save a lot of labor force materials and finance.

Concrete Recycling Plant mainly consists of a concrete loading bunker and the main concrete recycling unit. Concrete Loading Unit is equipped with a shower system which provides discharging of the waste concrete from truck mixers. Main recycling unit provides recycling of concrete. In the system there is an agitator which prevents sinking of the cement grains in cement-water mixture and there is a control board which controls whole system.

1.TRUSEEN Concrete Recycling Plants protect the environment as well as provide a cost advantage by recycled materials.

2.As it is located next to the concrete batching plants the expenses of transporting the waste concrete to another place will be eliminated.

3.After decomposing the waste concrete by washing inside the recycling unit the recycled aggregate can be reused in concrete production in a certain amount.

 Model  XF-80
 Sieving Capacity  10-20
 Separate Stone Size  Φ>5
 Separate Sand Size  Φ1-5
 Total Motor Power(kw)  10
 Mixing Vehicle Quantity  <10
 Host Weight  2730
 Host Outline Dimension(m)  5.1×1.57×2.00
 Total Weight  5T

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