Reasons for common failures in concrete mixers

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First, what causes the mixer to hold the shaft?

  1. The problem of raw material feeding position. The materials used to mix concrete are mainly gravel aggregate, cement, fly ash, water and admixtures. If the raw material cement is wrapped with sand and water, it will not be fully stirred. If the agitator shaft cannot be stirred quickly and quickly, it is easy to form a shaft-holding phenomenon.
  2. Reasons for mixing the inlet pipe and flushing position of the main unit. If the flushing point position and flushing direction are not correct. It is not possible to rinse off the concrete temporarily bonded to the shaft. It takes a long time to form a hug.
  3. The inside of the mixer was not cleaned in time after the end of production. There is still residual concrete on the surface of the agitator shaft. If you do this for a long time, it is very easy to produce a shaft hung.

Second, what causes the concrete mixer to stagnate?

  1. Too much feed, causing excessive load on the mixer.
  2. The gap between the blades of the mixing system and the lining is too large. During the mixing process, the resistance is increased.
  3. The delta drive belt is too loose, which makes the transmission system inefficient.
  4. The safety inspection switch of the upper cover of the mixing machine is loosened, causing downtime.

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