Regular maintenance method of cement silo

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The daily protection of cement silo:

First, when install the cement silo,we need to aware that  the installation of the cement silo need to be installed, so the installation process should be careful to observe the observation of the tilt is not allowed, leg deformation, etc; to often check the legs of cement silo , and it is strictly prohibited to strong impact the legs and the silo; cement silo legs often exposed in the air, cement silo legs are steel, the air content of the water is relatively high so it is easy to combine water and will easy to rust and corrosion.

How can we avoid this phenomenon? This phenomenon is inevitable, but can take some measures to greatly reduce the harm of these phenomena on the cement warehouse, the user should always check the cement warehouse surface of all the places, found to be corroded or rusty place, as soon as possible.

To brush anti-corrosion paint, rust-proof place to first treat the rust and then brushing anti-corrosion paint.

Regular maintenance method of cement silo