Standard of Batching Machine

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The concrete batching function can effectively guarantee the accuracy of cement, sand, gravel and so on, and use the electronic weighing system to further improve the accuracy of weighing.

1. Start the first batch (feeder) measurement process for the automatic drop correction procedures. After the results of the revised ingredients according to the revised, automatic correction of each material in two parts of ingredients to meet the measurement requirements.

2. open the batching machine, the measurement should be bucket bucket bucket, or manual way out of the hopper with more than material. If the display is not '0' at this time, press the clear key to display it as '0'

3. If the batch controller does not work properly, turn off the power and turn it on again.

4. Metering bucket is often caught by some debris, so this should pay special attention.

5. Before starting to check the line there is a loose line loose and loose components, if it should be connected to the firm and solid, the box shall not put debris.

Standard of Batching Machine