The Composition And Working Principle Of JS500 Compulsory

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JS500 compulsory concrete mixer Mixing system design scientific and reasonable, mixing efficiency is very high, stirring the quality of concrete is fine, JS500 concrete mixer is how to stir the concrete card JS500 concrete mixer mixing system design scientific and reasonable, high efficiency stirring, stirring concrete quality Uniform, JS500 concrete mixer is how to stir the concrete, the following explain its structure and working principle.

JS500 compulsory concrete mixer mixing system

Mixing system is composed of motor, pulley, reducer, open gear, stirring cylinder mixing device, oil supply device and so on.

JS500 concrete mixer working principle

compulsory concrete mixer machine motor through the belt with two gear reducer, reducer on both sides of the output shaft through the open gear were driven by two horizontal configuration of the mixing shaft reverse speed rotation.The original arc part of the stirring cylinder is welded, the stirring cylinder is set with eight kinds of liner, the military countersunk head screw and the cylinder connection fastening.

The mixing cylinder has two horizontal mixing shafts, each with a stirring blade. The mixing blades on both ends of the mixing cylinder are respectively provided with side blades to scrape off the concrete on the end face. Leaf and liner clearance ≤ 5mm.The two observation caps on the agitator can be pushed out 90 ° apart.

A special sealing device is provided at both ends of the mixing shaft and the mixing cylinder. In order to ensure the quality of the seal, in the mixing tube section with a special fuel supply.