Use and maintenance of diesel concrete mixer

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Diesel-type concrete mixer are different from other concrete mixers and require special attention during their use and maintenance. The following will be detailed for everyone.

1. Diesel concrete mixer usually use diesel to work, so users must insist on the work before the diesel tank to see if there is enough oil, the user must ensure that every time there is enough oil in the fuel tank.

2. The use of diesel is not enough, to add in time, you can not stop when added, but must pay attention to safety.

3. Always clean the diesel tank and replace the diesel.

4. Always check the screw on the diesel fuel tank is loose, if loose to timely repair, and need to check whether the welding of diesel fuel is strong.

5. Diesel-type concrete mixer in the new machine to be used before the test run, try to pay attention to the operation of the mixer issued by the sound is normal, while confirming the integrity of the mixing cylinder and mixing leaves.

6. In the diesel concrete mixer work, the operator can not handle, head or tool into the mixing cylinder.

7. When the mixer after the end of the work to clean up, the user generally clean the water, in the clean up to check the lid of the diesel tank is closed, confirmed before cleaning, to avoid water into the diesel tank, the impact of diesel concentration.

8. Diesel-type concrete mixer diesel tank is very important, the user in the diesel fuel tank to ensure that when the diesel tank to rust, anti-corrosion work.

We often use the JZC350 diesel drum concrete mixer, this mixer with the general roller mixer slightly different, so the protection method also has its special place, the following brief description of the above is different from the above note.

1. The connection part of the diesel engine need to always check the mixing blade to see if it is damaged.

2. Avoid collision with the blender.

3. When the use of diesel will be more hot, so it is better to place it in a ventilated place, do not touch the diesel mixer when working in a concrete mixer.

4. Diesel-type concrete mixer has a belt, we have to check this belt, check it has no damage, tightness is also meet the requirements.

Use and maintenance of diesel concrete mixer