What are the three salient features of the cement silo?

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Bulk cement silo commodity features are:

1. The cement silo is usually designed for the cylinder bracket, its upper part of the dust removal equipment, dust removal equipment is used to avoid dust leakage, and its lower part is also equipped with broken arch equipment, broken arch equipment is used to avoid Cement powder coagulation caking, can make the smooth discharge of powder, cement tank tank is also equipped with material level sensing equipment, material level sensing equipment can accurately and clearly show how much material in the cement warehouse and material arrived Which position of the tank, accurate and effective help the construction workers can always grasp the use of materials within the warehouse.

2. Cement silo is mainly used for bulk cement and monotonous fly ash, cement warehouse with rain, moisture, easy to use and other features; its capacity is usually 50t, 100t, 200t and other specifications. Of course, our manufacturers can also be based on customer specifications required to create other specifications of the cement warehouse.

3. Bulk cement silo is usually used as a concrete mixing station supporting the use of goods to use.

4. The use of cement silo usually put the powder into the warehouse we will use bulk cement conveyor to transport; but usually based on the cement warehouse planning is not the same, so we have to unload the material usually there are two ways, One way is to connect the lower part of the cement silo with the screw conveyor, and then use the screw conveyor to bulk cement and other materials into the powder to measure, the second is the choice of pneumatic conveying.