Commissioning of large mixer

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After completing the installation of the large mixer, you need to debug it to understand whether there are any undiscovered problems. Let's see how to enter sideways. The mixer is used for debugging. The following is a specific introduction, I hope to help everyone.

1. Select the type of agitator according to the technological premise, mixing goals and requirements. When selecting the type of agitator, you should fully grasp the dynamic characteristics of the agitator. And the causal relationship between the motion mode of the large mixer and various mixing targets.

 2. According to the determined type of agitator and the movement mode of the agitator during the agitating process. This process requires control of mixing time, settling velocity and divergence. After implementing techniques and computer simulation design, determine the power of the motor. Mixing speed, mixer diameter.

 3. According to motor power, stirring speed and technological premise. Select the model of the cycloid reducer from the selection table of the cycloid reducer. It is assumed that the cycloid reducer is selected according to the torque of the actual task.

 4. According to the output shaft head d of the cycloidal pin gear reducer and the support mode of the stirring shaft. Choose the same frame and coupling as model d.

 5. According to the size of the frame mixing shaft head. Choose the shaft seal type for equipment sealing space, working pressure and working temperature.

 6. According to equipment mode and structure requirements. Design and select the structure of the mixing shaft, and check the strength and rigidity.

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