Maintenance of JS mixer gas circuit

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  1. Air compressor maintenance
     The oil level in the crankcase of the air compressor should be kept above the low oil level marking line. The oil level and the quality of the lubricating oil should be checked every half a month or regularly. Add or replace if necessary. No. 19 compressor oil and 13 compressor oils can be used in winter. The air compressor should be placed in a flat and clean place, and should not work in a humid, dirty and dusty place. The oil and water of the gas storage tank should be placed every two shifts.
  2. Gas channels and triplets
    Ventilation pipes and joints should be kept clean and firm. Avoid friction and contact with other ribs during movement. And it should be repaired immediately when the air leaks. The gas channel of the triplet is the filter pressure reducing valve-lubricator. When the filtrate in the filter is full, it should be discharged in time. After the lubricant in the oil mist is used up, it should be added in time. When adding oil, it should be done without pressure.
  3. Solenoid valve and cylinder
    The installation of the solenoid valve should be firm, and protective devices should be installed around it. To prevent foreign objects from damaging the casing and wiring. Silencer plugs are installed at the exhaust port to prevent dust from entering the valve body and blocking the valve core. When the solenoid valve and the cylinder are connected together when the vibration or vibration of the solenoid valve works. The fasteners on the valve body and cylinder are shockproof.

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