Concrete mixer wear type

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Concrete is a relatively important building material. Many construction sites use a lot of concrete when carrying out engineering construction. Concrete mixer is a kind of equipment for mass production of concrete. Today I happen to have little knowledge from concrete mixer manufacturers here. Do you know what are the reasons for the wear of the concrete mixer? Below we will give you a detailed introduction.

  1. Abrasive wear: because of the effect of hard particles or outstanding objects. This constitutes wear caused by the relocation of materials.
  2. Adhesive wear: When two lubricated metal surfaces slide relative to each other under pressure. The actual touch surface on the interface and its possible connection form a bond. These sticking points continue to break, and cracking may occur at the contact surface. It may also occur in a prominent part of the body. This causes metal debris on a surface to break away from the body.
  3. Corrosion and abrasion: Under corrosive conditions, the metal surface of the concrete mixer forms a layer of corrosive products. When there is relative sliding, this layer of corrosion products will be worn away. Subject the metal to continuous corrosion and wear.
  4. Surface fatigue and wear: This wear is caused by repeated loading and unloading. As a result, fatigue cracks that are perpendicular or parallel to the touch surface are formed on the touch surface and under the skin of the touch surface. The propagation of these cracks and delivery to each other. May crack the metal surface and cause flaking.

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