How to control dust in concrete mixing plant

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Promote the progress and transformation of commercial concrete mixing plants. Completing the coordinated development of commercial concrete production, city building and environmental protection. A special inspection was carried out on the handling of dust in ready-mixed concrete mixing plants.

  1. The fulfillment of the responsibility for the dust control of the mixing plant. Is it to fulfill the responsibility part and person responsible for raising dust? Is it a plan for rectification operations, a plan and a record of implementation?
  2. Whether the construction of the fence around the site is continuous closed?
  3. Hardening of the road, working area and storage yard. Is the road, working area and storage yard hardened?
  4. Closure of aggregate yard and batching bin. Are aggregate yards and batching bins sealed? Is it the method of spraying dust?
  5. Equipped with vehicle scouring equipment and scouring conditions. Is it equipped with vehicle washing equipment at the entrance of the field? Vehicles entering and leaving the area actively scour.
  6. Drainage and sewage treatment in the place. Does it have an arranged drainage system; does it have a level 3 sedimentation tank. Is it sewage treatment?
  7. Effective separation of working area, living area and production area. Are the working area, living area and production area separated?
  8. Whether the dust removal and suppression methods of the production line have been implemented, is the mixing building above the 2nd floor closed? Is the silo closed? Is it equipment such as dust removal for equipment silos? Is the conveyor belt closed and the feed port closed?

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