Second-level maintenance of concrete mixer

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The maintenance of concrete mixers is generally graded. The maintenance items are different for different running time. When the concrete mixer runs to 700 to 1500h, the equipment enters second-level maintenance. Need to cut down the reducer, motor, this wheel and other equipment for maintenance and cleaning. The following is a detailed introduction.

  1. The secondary maintenance cycle of the concrete mixer is generally 700~1500h working hours, and the secondary maintenance is in progress. In addition to quality maintenance work, the reducer must be dismantled and inspected. Motors and open gears. In addition, it is necessary to check the frame and the operating mechanism of the discharge, and clean the walking wheel and steering mechanism.
  2. When disassembling the reducer, clear the gear, shaft, shaft and oil passage. Check the degree of wear on the surface of the halogen profile. After disassembly and inspection, add new gear oil.
  3. When disassembling and inspecting the motor, the dust on the stator winding should be removed. Clean the bearings and add new grease, check and adjust the gap between the stator and rotor.
  4. When disassembling the open gear, the gear tooth profile, circumference and bearing need to be cleaned. Check the wear and tear and replace it if it is excessively worn.
  5. The inner and outer brake bands of the loading clutch should be replaced if they are excessively worn.
  6. When the frame of the concrete mixer is skewed and deformed, it should be repaired or corrected.

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