Concrete mixing plant management system

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Third, production department management (equipment, fleet, scheduling)

The production department serves as the department that connects the production in the station. Transfer the command to the station. Communicate and coordinate the construction site. Everyday operation is inseparable. It can be said that production is a chain of machines. Daily sputum requires the smooth running of production to achieve.

  1. Some vehicles have too much oil and oil, and all kinds of motor oil are wasted. The consumption of pump and tube clamps is not fixed, and the site is seriously lost.
  2. The quality and quantity of consumables and accessories for automobiles are large. There is no quota control for consumption and reserves.
  3. Vehicle equipment, weighing equipment and other equipment are not adequately maintained. Management is weak, chaotic, unclear, and aging causes frequent repairs and costs are exceeded.

Fourth, comprehensive management (business, personnel, finance, logistics, warehouse) management

  1. The business quotation does not meet the standard within the station. Freely add and reduce prices to cause market volatility.
  2. There are too many accounts receivable, and the amount owed is huge. Signing a contract becomes a display. It is difficult to operate the mixing station.
  3. The relationship between the business and the construction party is not harmonious. Create problems and do not deal with them in time. The construction party does not follow the specifications. The craft is backward and the workers are scattered. Caused other departments to suffer a joint crisis. There are hidden dangers in the construction.

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