Large mixing plant chooses automatic system

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  1. The operation and management of the automatic control system of the large concrete mixing plant. The operation is simple and convenient. In addition, the intelligent feeding process can improve production efficiency and reduce lining wear.
  2. The operation data of the fully automatic control system of the large concrete mixing plant can be stored for a long time. Easy to set up management.
  3. The batching system adopts centralized control of the microcomputer, and the formula can be represented by digital. Convenient for user identification, the number of recipes can reach dozens.
  4. With automatic feeding and other functions, the ingredients are more accurate.
  5. Many automatic control systems have manual control functions. It is convenient for customers to switch between manual and automatic. In the case of debugging, it is still used for manual control.
  6. The fully automatic control system uses universal accessories. Once parts are damaged, they can be purchased and replaced locally. The system recovers quickly and the repair cost is low.
  7. The fully automatic control system of the large commercial mixing station has a relatively complete hardware failure alarm. The position status of the limit, the malfunction of the components, and the hardware failure of the oil can be promptly reminded. And cut off the control loop to ensure the safety of the equipment.
  8. The operating platform in the control room can reflect the entire production process and the situation of each part. Once a problem occurs in a certain part, it can be found and solved in the shortest time.
  9. The fully automatic control system of large concrete mixing plant has advanced performance. High reliability and comfortable operation.

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