Details of Installation of Concrete Batching Plant

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The first thing after the purchase of the concrete batching plant equipment is the installation. For the installation of such large-scale supporting equipment, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the safety of the installation of individual equipment, but also to pay attention to the supporting effect of all supporting equipment of the concrete batching plant equipment.There must be a good connection between equipments. How can we ensure the safety of installation of concrete batching plant equipment?

1. Pay more attention to the cement storage body

During the installation process of the concrete batching plant, pay more attention to whether the cement storage body has inclination, deformation of the legs, etc. If there is such a situation, it is necessary to solve the problem in time, and do not wait for problems to be repaired.

2. The leg should be welded firmly

In the process of installation, the bottom of the leg should be welded firmly to the fundamental embedded part, and the solid foundation can guarantee the stability of the machine.

3. Foundation must be prepared

Before installing the machine, the foundation must be well prepared and firmly fixed.

4. forbidden to impact the outrigger

During the work of the concrete mixing station, it is strictly forbidden to strongly impact the outriggers and the warehouse body. For example, the loading and unloading of the loading truck , the feeding or the loading of the uniform truck, etc. If the situation is found, the legs are replaced or re-fixed in time.

5. Regularly check the dust bag

After the machine has been in operation for a period of time, it is necessary to regularly check the dust bag of the equipment, clean the cement in time, and refuel the pneumatic pump in time.

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