Essential operation points of concrete mixing plant

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Whether it is urban construction or other engineering buildings, it is inseparable from concrete. The concrete mixing plant system is mature, which can effectively improve the work efficiency. Therefore, when purchasing, it is necessary to purchase the appropriate one according to the situation. The basic operation points of the concrete mixing plant are introduced below.

  1. The blender should be installed on a solid foundation and also in a flat position. Use the support frame to fix, pay attention to adjust the loading platform, unloading platform and the height of the dump truck. Do not use tires and support frames for support.
  2. The operator of the concrete mixer must be professionally trained and can only issue a certificate after being qualified. Then go to work with a certificate, and no operation is allowed without a certificate.
  3. Before using the concrete mixer, check and confirm the clutch and brake. The safety device and other parts are complete and good, and the wire rope is intact. There must be no foreign objects in the drum, and run the empty vehicle to check the rotation direction of the mixing drum and mixing blade.
  4. After the concrete mixer is started, it should wait for the mixing drum to reach the normal speed before loading. Add water in time after feeding. Adding new materials can only be carried out after all the original concrete in the mixer has been discharged.
  5. Another point to note is that the mixer should be regularly maintained. Do a good job of cleaning, lubricating, adjusting, tightening and anti-corrosion equipment.

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