How to choose a concrete mixer

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We want to choose a suitable concrete mixer. We need to make reasonable purchases according to our production scale, construction length, etc. The following is a detailed introduction.

  1. Production scale
    According to the size of the production scale to judge the production capacity of concrete mixing equipment.
  2. Construction site
    According to the size of the construction site, you can choose a concrete mixing building or a concrete mixing station. The concrete mixing building is selected, and the aggregate is lifted at once. The productivity of the mixer with the same capacity is higher than that of the mixing plant .
  3. Attached equipment
    Choose the specifications and working dimensions of the concrete mixer according to the conditions of the attached equipment. The loading capacity of the mixer truck should match the output capacity of the mixer. Improper matching will affect the work efficiency. The loading capacity of the loader should match the loading height of the batching plant of the concrete mixing plant.
  4. Management function
    If intensive network management is adopted, the network management function of the concrete mixing equipment should be considered to avoid difficulties in future upgrades.
  5. Equipment technical performance
    Mainly from the aspects of advanced, reliable, excellent and versatile equipment. The equipment should be well configured, the control method is reliable, the applicability is strong, and the maintainability is good. In addition, high measurement accuracy and good mixing quality should also be considered.
  6. Supplier reputation
    It mainly includes whether the installation and debugging are strict; whether the technical guidance and training are in place; whether the after-sales service is timely; whether the supply of spare parts is sufficient.

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