Factors affecting the output quality of concrete mixing plants

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1.The quality of concrete mixing plant equipment is good or bad.

Whether it is a large commercial concrete mixing plant or a small and medium-sized engineering concrete mixing plant. The device specifications have been unified today. The biggest factor affecting the production of concrete is the quality of the mixing station equipment. Everyone knows that the entire mixing station system is composed of a blanking part, a weighing part, a stirring part, a storage part and the like. In the event of any problem in any of these components, the production of the entire mixing station may be affected.

2. The model number of the core equipment in the concrete mixing plant system.

Due to factors such as capital, site, production requirements, etc. Some customers are buying the relevant type of concrete mixing plant. Regardless of the mandatory requirements of the manufacturer. The customer replaces the different models of the same device on the relevant device components.

 3. Whether the operation of the operator of the concrete mixing station is reasonable and standard.

The last point to mention is whether the relevant staff members are reasonable and standardized in the operation of the mixing station. If the operation is not standardized. If the weighing of the material is not accurate. The hopper silo contains large particles of sand and gravel impurities. The laboratory cooperation ratio is still not up to the requirements and production is still carried out.

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