Four ways to demolish a 180 concrete mixing plant

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  1. Remove the 180 concrete mixing plant body. After removing the silo, remove the main body of the mixing station. Take out the feeding belt, concrete mixing metering system, main system, etc. The dispenser is relatively simple and protects and removes the sensors. Other air compressors, pumps, admixtures, etc. are relatively simple.
  2. Inspection before disassembly. Before disassembling the mixing plant, avoid accidental damage during disassembly. Protect parts during relocation and have relocation conditions.
  3. Demolition of 180 concrete mixing plant powder silo. Powder silo is one of the large equipment in the equipment. Disassembly and transportation are complicated. In particular, when mixing a powder box of 200T or more, it needs to be cut after disassembly. Transport, re-soldering, installation, etc. will bring certain risks during disassembly. The screw conveyor is fixed on the powder field. The four methods of blender are to pay attention to the angle of the screw. If necessary, take protective measures to avoid damage to the motor reducer.
  4. Maintenance before disassembly. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, we perform comprehensive cleaning and oil maintenance before disassembly. To ensure that the lubrication of each machine is in place to prepare for relocation. The main part of the inspection is usually.

The ambient temperature is low and the hydration reaction of cement is slow. Affects the growth of the coagulation mixer. When the temperature falls below a certain range of 0 ° C, free water will begin to freeze. When the temperature is low enough, the free water freezes almost completely into ice. As a result, the hydration and hardening of the cement is completely stopped.

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