How to avoid the safety problems of concrete batching plant

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When the concrete batching plant is running and producing, there will be some safety precautions. Then what are the safety problems in the concrete
batching plant ? Let me introduce you briefly:

  1. Establish a safety management system for concrete batching plants. Implement the responsibility of the stationmaster to the personnel management system.
  2. Strictly implement the "Labor Safety Qualification Certificate" system. Stop the entrance education for employees. The exam can be used in front of the exam.
  3. Workers entering the consumption area must wear a safe hat. The consumption area is strictly forbidden to smoke. It is strictly forbidden to drink after work and stop fighting.
  4. It is strictly forbidden for workers to work, stay or rest in the risk zone.
  5. Operators must be certified to work. Strictly follow the operating procedures to stop unlicensed employment and illegal operations.
  6. Strictly abide by the rules of safe use of electricity. It is strictly forbidden to privately pick up consumer electricity.
  7. Check frequently to ensure safe consumption.

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