How to choose a commercial concrete mixing plant

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  1. Mix the host selection.
    According to the performance label of the construction concrete, decide which kind of mixing host to choose. For hydraulic engineering, a forced mixing host must be used. In addition, the batching station and storage bin should be selected according to the type of concrete material that can be mixed.
  2. Selection of specifications for engineering concrete mixing plant.
    According to the task quantity of construction concrete and its construction period, choose the mixing plant with large specifications. Set the total task amount of concrete to M; the number of concrete pouring days is T; the working hours per day is H; and the utilization factor is K, the specification of the mixing plant should be selected as X=M/THK, where K is 0.7-0.9.
  3. The construction environment and construction objects are also factors influencing the selection of the engineering concrete mixing plant.
    The influence of the construction object and the construction environment should be fully considered to ensure smooth construction and construction quality. When the construction site needs a large amount of one-time pouring, the quality of the parts is high, and there is no mixing plant in the vicinity, it is best to choose two mixing plants with smaller specifications, or choose one main and one pair.
  4. The quality of the operators.
    In general, the small mixing plant has a simple structure and the control system is relatively simple. Originally, the requirements for operation and maintenance personnel are lower. The larger station structure is complex and the degree of automation is high, so the requirements for operators are also high. Therefore, in addition to the above factors, you should consider this factor when purchasing a mixing plant.

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