How to improve the efficiency of concrete mixer

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Many people still have a very vague stage in the perception of concrete mixers. How to improve the efficiency of concrete mixer? In response to this question, I have compiled this article and hope to help you.

1. Timed cleaning

As the pressure of the concrete mixer rises slowly, the filter is usually clogged. Therefore, it should be cleaned regularly. The second is the problem with the cylinder because there is a leak outside the cylinder. Water stable mixing stations are often painful in piston rod equipment and lack a lubricant supply. Wear or damage to seals and seals, impurities in the cylinder and scratches on the piston rod.

 2. Regular inspection

We need to adjust the middle position of the piston rod in time. Regularly check the reliability of the oil mist device and clean it in time. The valve malfunctioned due to the advancement of the first conductive magnetic valve. The vent type is simply blocked, resulting in a seal. The active valve will get stuck in the circuit failure. In the use of concrete mixers, we can use the closed design of the whole station. The pressure at the mixing station increases the isolation chamber of the insulation panel and the concrete mixing plant.

 3. Reduce noise

In addition, the noise source of the concrete mixer is mainly for stirring the host. The main problem with mechanical equipment noise is the mutual accuracy of the machines themselves. Improve your own production level and technical level. Improve the manufacturing accuracy of the main body, the tank and other positions. A feasible and perfect processing plan is proposed. To minimize the gap between the equipment accessories.

 4. Reasonable positioning

The location of the concrete mixer is also important. In particular, the smooth flow of transport in the area is also related to production efficiency. Because in production, not only the efficiency of loading the loader is considered. Also consider that transportation vehicles should not stop clogging. Moreover, the feed vehicle should not affect the on-site construction.

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