Winter mixing plant pneumatic system use precautions

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Most of the material mixing plant are driven by air pressure to drive the butterfly valves and cylinders to complete the corresponding actions. Any action that pneumatically executes the original fails. This will cause the mixing station to fail to produce properly. Seriously affect production efficiency. More serious will affect the quality of concrete and the scrapping of the whole material. In the failure of the pneumatic system, especially after the winter temperature is below zero, the failure rate is higher.
     The longest problem in winter production is the failure of the solenoid valve. Due to the low temperature in winter, the water in the gas path will condense into ice. The solenoid valve spool is not working properly. Most of the customers are heated by hot water and fired.

  1. Increase the air dryer by airway. To solve the water in the gas path, only the water in the gas path can be reduced as much as possible. Can not be completely avoided. The high pressure air produced contains a large amount of water. A large amount of liquid water is condensed in the gas tank. But there is still a lot of gaseous water in the air. At this time, a cold dryer should be added behind the gas tank. Further, the water vapor in the high pressure air is condensed.
  2. The solenoid valve is centrally controlled and placed in the air control box. Add heating device and add filter. Place similar and identical system solenoid valves in a centralized position. Dust-proof and heat-insulating, easy to overhaul, and can be insulated in winter.

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